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Creative Sonoma Advisory Board January 11, 2023


Unifying Vision:  Greater Consequence Through Excellence, Engagement, Equity

We welcome public comment regarding any subject not on the agenda during the time identified for “Public Comment”. All matters requiring a response will be forwarded to staff. Presentations made under “Public Comment” are normally restricted to three (3) minutes in length per meeting unless the Chairman specifically authorizes additional time. 

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes from the November 2022 meeting
  4. Public Comments (if any)
  5. Committee Reports/Critical Updates
  6. Nominating Committee:
    1. The committee will present the slate of officers and board members eligible for a second term, for a vote.
    2. The chair will announce the committee compositions for 2023.

Art Break – Tracy Ferron from Life on Earth Art will make a presentation about her organization. 

  1. Program Reports
    1. Arts Education: An update will be provided on the arts education progress for Creative Sonoma and the Arts Education Alliance.
    2. Programs and Grants: Updates will be provided on status of Arts + Culture Equity Fellows for Round 2, other grant programs, and the Hubspot tracking software.
    3. Public Art: Staff will update the board on the status of the public art consultancy including the timeline for first quarter 2023; an update on the Fire Memorial will also be presented.
  1. Board Updates: Board members will be invited to offer any news and updates.
  1. New Business (if any).