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Eco-Delight Coffee


About Us

Location:             Petaluma, CA




Year Started:     2010


What We Do:    Eco-Delight Coffee Roasting Company grows, roasts and manufactures premium coffee



Company Story


Eco-Delight is not your typical coffee roasting company. Started in 2010 by partners, Guillermo Moran, Rodolfo Bendig and Juan Carlos Rappaccioli, the trio set out to develop the freshest, most flavorful coffee by controlling all aspects of the coffee roasting process. Unlike typical coffee roasters who purchase coffee beans from a middle-man, Eco-Delight owns and operates coffee bean farms in Central America, roasts the beans using co-founder Bendig’s coffee roasting machines, and packages unique coffee blends at its warehouse in Sonoma County. Mr. Moran explains their mission, “We are a company of coffee growers that seeks to roast the best coffee, and at the same time, improve the quality of life for our families and our employees.”

Why Sonoma County?


The company moved to Sonoma County in 2014 to be part of the specialty food industry here. “Sonoma County is exceptional in that it understands the uniqueness of an aged cheese or fine wine," Moran explains. He would like to break the American sentiment that “coffee is coffee” and thinks that Sonoma County is the perfect place to create a new culture of coffee drinkers that understands coffee for its different varietals. Moran believes that Sonoma County has the knowledge and palate to understand subtle flavors and blends. Not unlike a winemaker, a master roaster’s job is to enhance the flavors of a coffee bean. But, as Moran points out, you have to have the best raw material first or nothing else matters. Eco-Delight Coffee can be found in private labels and began selling in Costco stores in 2016.