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Current Initiatives

Find out how the EDB is partnering with our local businesses and trade associations to support our key industry sectors in Sonoma County.

EDB 3.0 Action Plan

December 13, 2022 - The Board of Supervisors today adopted the Sonoma County Economic Development Board’s proposed 3.0 Action Plan, which will guide future economic development by partnering with community and business organizations to address persistent issues that constrain the local economy. The plan seeks to enhance EDB’s foundation of business support by expanding its role as a convener to address specific goals such as increasing the earning potential of residents, encouraging investment in high-value local enterprises, and restoring housing affordability in Sonoma County. Read EDB 3.0 Action Plan >>



Sonoma County’s agriculture has long been recognized as one of its leading sectors, boasting a total production value of $1.1 billion in 2018, which represents a 24% increase from 2017.


Craft Beverages

Sonoma County is experiencing a surge in artisanal, hand-crafted beverages as consumer preferences shift towards smaller-scale production of beers, ciders and spirits.


Outdoor Recreation

The Outdoor Recreation industry cluster in Sonoma County comprises more than 350 outdoor recreational businesses across a broad array of activities, including biking, hiking, golfing, water sports, and equestrian activities.

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Specialty Food Products

Sonoma County is home to some of the most innovative specialty food producers in the country.



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It has become impossible to lead one’s life, or conduct one’s business without adequate broadband access. Throughout the world broadband is becoming recognized not as a luxury, but instead - a necessity. Unfortunately, rural communities across the nation face economic disenfranchisement and failed economies due to inadequate broadband access.