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Strategic Sonoma

Competitive Assessment

Phase one of Strategic Sonoma. The county's current socioeconomic conditions and trends were benchmarked with six other similar communities, plus the San Francisco Bay Area, California and the United States. The report establishes a baseline understanding of Sonoma County's current position and priority issues.

Read the Assessment Report (PDF: 6.35 MB)

Target Cluster Report

Phase two of Strategic Sonoma. Target industry clusters were identified by size, growth and concentration in Sonoma County. Additionally, priority clusters were chosen based on their ability to support community goals related to economic inclusion, a resilient and sustainable economy, and growing prosperity or all residents.

Read the Target Cluster Report (PDF: 2.3 MB)

Action Plan

Phase three of Strategic Sonoma. A five-year action plan informed through the participation of over 200 residents, businesses and organizations from around Sonoma County.  The Plan builds on strategic priorities developed by Strategies Sonoma which include; Fire Recovery, Housing, Workforce & Education, Business Diversification, Sustainability, and Transportation.

Read the Action Plan

Print Strategic Sonoma Action Plan (PDF: 56 MB)

Finding New Economic Opportunities

The Strategic Sonoma Action Plan sets the economic priorities for Sonoma County over the next five years. It is a culmination of a year-long effort that included feedback and contributions from over 200 residents, community leaders and business owners. The plan provides an economic roadmap for helping Sonoma County gets back on its feet after the 2017 wildfires and identifies six key priorities— Housing, Workforce and Education, Business Diversification, Sustainability, Transportation, and Fire Recovery—to work on in the years ahead.