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Action Plan Summary

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Sonoma Action Plan coordinates a range of projects and partners. Projects are included under specific goals, but many address more than one goal area – with all working towards the overall vision. The table below summarizes the primary projects and metrics of success for each goal.



  • Complete debris removal and address environmental health and safety.
  • Implement capital improvement plans.
  • Assist local businesses with capital programs and assistance.
  • Establish a Marketing Task Force.
  • Align recovery efforts and organizations.
  • Develop an online portal that provides real time tracking of recovery progress.
  • Develop an active communication plan around fire recovery.

MetricsRecovery 50

  • Debris Cleared
  • Number of Rebuilt Homes
  • Number of Businesses Assisted
  • Value of SBA and HUD Loans
  • Insurance Claims Filed & Awarded
  • Capital Investment in Infrastructure
  • Tourism Activity


  • Establish a permanent Sonoma County Employer Housing Council.
  • Engage in a campaign to vote yes to the proposed $300 million housing bond.
  • Explore solutions for short-term workforce housing.
  • Establish a “30K by 2025” communications campaign.
  • Inventory priority sites for new housing development.
  • Lobby the State of California to ease state regulatory burdens.
  • Establish an advisory group that can guide others through development processes.
  • Update public policies to expedite the development of new housing options.

Metricshousing  50

  • Building Permits
  • Housing Units Created
  • Retained Working Age Residents
  • Population Density


  • Establish a Talent Alignment Council.
  • Establish a construction skills training center.
  • Create a Sonoma County Cooperative Education Program.
  • Develop industry sector partnerships around Sonoma County’s target clusters.
  • Expand the WIB’s Dislocated and Incumbent Worker Training programs.
  • Expand scholarship offerings and provide support programs for students.
  • Engage retirees as volunteer mentors, educators, and career coaches.

MetricsTalent 50

  • Education Attainment Disparities
  • Student Testing
  • High School Graduation
  • Post-Secondary Enrollment
  • Post-Secondary Awards
  • Students Qualifying for Free Lunch
  • Labor Force Participation


  • Create Sonoma County AgTech Innovation and Manufacturing Alliance initiatives.
  • Develop an annual, county-wide Business Retention & Expansion report.
  • Explore a revolving loan fund focused on specific strategic objectives.
  • Proactively market the availability of existing financial resources.
  • Explore feasibility of a R&D center for applied technologies in target clusters.
  • Facilitate a gap analysis of commercial real estate in Sonoma County.
  • Prepare businesses for the future through topics such as adoption of new technologies, utilization of eCommerce tools to sell products online, and upskilling of existing workers to increase productivity.

MetricsDiversification 50

  • Target Cluster Employment
  • Small Business Startups
  • Woman- & Minority-Owned Businesses
  • County Average Wage
  • Income Disparities
  • Exports
  • eCommerce Sales
  • Capital Investment


  • Explore developing a public crowdfunding platform for sustainable businesses.
  • Develop incentives that encourage environmentally-sustainable building practices.
  • Support the “30K by 2025” communications campaign by engaging environmental organizations to proactively engage, listen, and educate the public.
  • Continue efforts to convert all government fleets to electric vehicles.
  • Meet with research universities to explore opportunities for local field research.
  • Begin planning to host a global conference focused on green technologies, practices, and services.
  • Work with local employers to develop incentive programs to reduce vehicle usage.

MetricsSustainability 50

  • Water Quality
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Electric Vehicle Adoption
  • Renewable Energy Adoption
  • Open-Space Preservation
  • Environmental-Business Employment


  • Support Access Sonoma Broadband’s efforts to close the digital divide.
  • Collaborate with the regional planning organizations to ensure Sonoma County is leveraging regional transportation networks and resources.
  • Continue to review and update comprehensive transportation plans and explore creative Last Mile solutions.
  • Work with private employers, non-profits, & educators to establish shuttle services.
  • Explore public-private partnerships to create affordable transportation solutions.
  • Ensure transportation and capital improvement plans include efforts to make transit stops safer and more attractive.

MetricsTransportation 50

  • Commute Times
  • Population Served by Public Transit
  • Public Transit Ridership
  • Hike/Bike Trail Mileage
  • Transit-Oriented Development Square Footage
  • Infrastructure Capital Investment