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Goal: Recover from the October 2017 fires

Strategic Plan

Recovery Speedometer

100% of Strategic Sonoma 2017 Fire Recovery Goals have been met.

Measure of Success

  • Debris Cleared
  • Number of Rebuilt Homes
  • Number of Businesses Assisted
  • Value of SBA & HUD Loans
  • Insurance Claims Filed & Awarded Capital Investment in Infrastructure Tourism Activity

Collective Impact Partners

  • Joint Ad-Hoc Recovery Task Force Sonoma County Office of Recovery & Resiliency
  • Sonoma County EDB & Other Departments City of Santa Rosa
  • North Bay Forward
  • North Coast Builders Exchange
  • Rebuild North Bay
  • Rebuild Sonoma County
  • Sonoma County Rises
  • Non-Profits

Objective: Through public-private partnerships, Sonoma County businesses and residents emerge from the October 2017 fires with an increased capacity to address persistent local challenges and resilience to face future disruptors.

Journeys End trailer park after the fires

The Sonoma County Economic Recovery Plan provides a framework to support businesses and residents as they rebound from the fires and recover to a position of even greater long-term strength and resiliency. Sonoma County will continue to face challenges created by the fires for years to come, and organizations focused on recovery cannot take their feet off the gas pedal – this requires a consistent, sustained effort. The short-term (6-12 month) actions described in the Economic Recovery Plan provide a foundation for Strategic Sonoma. This Action Plan recommends continuing these projects and reinforcing their impact through the other goals focused on housing, business diversification, education, and mobility. 


  • Complete removing all debris and addressing remaining environmental health and safety concerns related to
    toxicity and erosion.
  • Implement capital improvement plans to repair damaged infrastructure and track progress towards completion of projects.
  • Assist local businesses with capital programs and assistance. Track the number and value of loans received from the Small Business Administration and Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grants.
  • Establish a Marketing Task Force to synchronize a campaign encouraging residents and non-residents to spend money in Sonoma County. Implement their strategic actions and track progress. Coordinate with tourism organizations to encourage visitors to return to Sonoma County.
  • Align recovery efforts and organizations to avoid duplication of programs and maximize resource usage.
  • Improve communication of fire recovery progress. Sonoma County should develop an online portal similar to the City of Santa Rosa that provides real time tracking of debris removal, building permitting, and construction progress.
  • Develop an active communication plan to share personal recovery stories with the public, raise awareness of resources available to residents and businesses, and encourage new investment.