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2022 Fall Economic Perspective Presentation at Flamingo Resort

Economic Quarterly Report Second Quarter 2024

Local Economic Forecast

The Local Economic Forecast Reports provides a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses in the Sonoma County economy. Using U.S. Précis Metro data from Moody’s Analytics, the report analyzes employment, income, migration patterns, industries, and economic output to better understand current and expected economic conditions for the County. This report is presented in partnership with the Sonoma County Workforce Investment Board (WIB). 

Economic Forecast Presentations

The EDB hosts forecast events throughout the year to forecast economic conditions for Sonoma County.

2022 Fall Economic Perspective

September 30, 2022

"Are we in a Recession? If not, could we be there soon?"

Keynote presentation by Claudia Sahm Ph.D. of Stay at Home Macro (SAHM):