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Sonoma County Indicators


The Creative Economy is robust and essential to Sonoma County at large. With supportive institutions, such as Creative Sonoma, who awarding almost $320,000 in grants and contracts to 61 grantees, the Sonoma County creative economy continues to thrive. The creative economy is projected to grow by 4% in the next five years.

Graph illustrating the percent of employment within Sonoma County’s creative economy at about 5.1%. In the USA it is about 4.8%. In California it is about 6.8%. Source: Lightcast ( Graph illustrating the percentage of arts and humanities degrees that were awarded out of the total degrees awarded at Sonoma State University. Arts and Humanities accounted for 23% of total degrees awarded. Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Graph illustrating the top GRP within creative industries. 45.3% media and publishing, 18.8% design, 9.6% manufacturing and retail, 5.9% advertising, 5.7% audio/visual sound film/photo, 4.1% art services, 6.6% independent artists, 3.3% art organizations, .7% education. Source: Lightcast

Graph illustrating the creative economy by age. 22% 35-44 years of age, 21.2% 25-34 years of age, 19.9% 45-54 years of age, 18% 55-64 years of age, 12% 65 and up years of age, 7% 14-24 years of age. Source: Lightcast ( Graph illustrating the average total earnings for the creative economy. Mostly a steady increase with the peak in 2021 of $81,075 average total earnings. 2011 and 2012 show lowest points with under $56,250 average total earnings. Source: Lightcast (

Graph illustrating how many creative economy business locations there are within Sonoma County. From largest amount to smallest are, Design 267, manufacturing and retail 105, media and publishing 96, audio/visual sound film/photo 68, art services 66, independent artists 49, advertising 48, arts organizations 29, education 29. Source: Lightcast (