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Sonoma County Indicators


The Creative Economy is robust and essential to Sonoma County at large. With supportive institutions, such as Creative Sonoma, who awarded almost $700,000 in grants and contracts in the 2021 year, the Sonoma County creative economy continues to thrive. The creative economy is projected to grow by 2% in the next four years.

Graph  illustrating the percent of employment within Sonoma County’s creative economy at about 3.5%. In the USA it is about 4%. In California it is about 6%. Source: Lightcast Graph illustrating the percentage of arts and humanities degrees that were awarded out of the total degrees awarded at Sonoma State University. Arts and Humanities accounted for 23% of total degrees awarded. Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Graph illustrating the top GRP within creative industries. 45% media and publishing, 20% design, about 12% manufacturing and retail, less than 10% advertising, less than 10% audio/visual sound film/photo, less than 10%art services, less than 10% independent artists, less than 10% art organizations. Source: Lightcast

Graph illustrating the creative economy by age. 22.5% 35-44 years of age, 21.6% 25-34 years of age, 19.4% 45-54 years of age, 18.4% 55-64 years of age, 11.1% 65 and up years of age, 7% 14-24 years of age. Source: Lightcast Graph illustrating the average total earnings for the creative economy. Mostly a steady increase with the peak in 2021 of just under $75,000 average total earnings. 2011 and 2012 show lowest points with under $56,250 average total earnings. Source: Lightcast

Graph illustrating how many creative economy business locations there are within Sonoma County. From largest to amount to smallest are, Design, manufacturing and retail, media and publishing, art services, audio/visual sound film/photo, independent artists, advertising, arts organizations, education. Source: Lightcast