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Ten Steps to Start Your Business


1. Initial Research and Information

Starting a business carries risks. As an entrepreneur, you can diminish these risks by performing some due diligence as part of the initial planning stages. In Sonoma County, there are plenty of resources available to guide entrepreneurs through these stages.


2. Develop Your Business Plan

Document your business goals and develop a roadmap to profitability.


3. Finance Your Startup

Ensure that you have enough capital to finance your operations. Once you have developed a business plan, that are several resources for small business financing.


4. Local Licensing Requirements

Find out what local licenses and permits you need to operate.


5. Register Your Business

Register your business correctly with federal, state, county, and city agencies.


6. State Licensing Requirements

Your business might require additional state licenses, depending on your product or service.


7. Zoning and Permit Requirements

Check to ensure that your business location meets zoning requirements.


8. Tax Requirements

Make sure that your business is set up to handle your tax requirements.


9. Employer Responsibility

If you plan to hire employees, utilize countywide resources to hire, train, and recruit your workforce.


10. Additional Business Resources

Get the inside scoop on all the business assistance services in Sonoma County.