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The EDB provides several reports on Sonoma County’s Workforce. These reports are generally produced annually and are meant to give you a snapshot of current and future employment conditions. 

Job Market Tracker Q1 2024

Job Market Tracker

The Job Market Tracker program is an open data resource developed for community partners who seek to understand the current workforce demands that drive the local job market. It analyzes online job postings aggregated from over 25,000 sources to deliver real time insights on in-demand occupations, salaries, skills, certifications, and top employers in Sonoma County. The Job Market Tracker empowers the community to make smarter, well-informed decisions, facilitating collaboration and complementing strategic efforts that closely align with the dynamics of the local labor market.

2021 Workforce Development Survey Report Cover

Workforce Development Survey

The Workforce Survey was developed during the Innovation Action Council’s Workforce Strategy Taskforce. The survey is distributed to employers every other year and sponsored by the EDB and Sonoma County Workforce Investment Board (WIB).