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Sonoma County Indicators



The population of Sonoma County continues to age and shrink. All the while, the median age in Sonoma County is higher than regional counterparts. The predominant racial group in Sonoma County is white (61.9%) and the largest ethnic minority group is the Latinx population which is on the rise. Relative to the state and national averages, Sonoma County is well educated with over 70% of its 25 and older population having at least some college educational attainment.

Graph illustrating educational attainment by county. Sonoma County’s educational attainment is 10.5% less than high school, 18.6% high school or equivalent, 33.1% some college, 23.3% bachelor's degree, 14.6% grad/professional degree. Napa County’s educational attainment is 13.4% less than high school, 17.7% high school or equivalent, 31.1% some college, 24.3% bachelor's degree, 13.9% grad/professional degree. Marin County’s educational attainment is 6.2% less than high school, 10.2% high school or equivalent, 22.1% some college, 36.3% bachelor's degree, 25% grad/professional degree. California’s educational attainment is 15.7% less than high school, 20.5% high school or equivalent, 28.2% some college, 22.3% bachelor's degree, 13.4% grad/professional degree. U.S.’s educational attainment is 10.5% less than high school, 26.9% high school or equivalent, 28.4% some college, 20.6% bachelor's degree, 13.1% grad/professional degree. Source: ESRI
Graph illustrating the crime rate by county with Sonoma having the lowest crime rate at just over 1,680 per 100,000 residents, and alameda county having the highest crime rate at about 4,200 per 100,000 residents. Source: Department of Justice Graph illustrating the total population by county, with Santa Clara having the largest population at just under 2 million and Napa having the smallest population at under 200,000. Sonoma County’s population is 488,863 residents. Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Graph illustrating ethnic and racial distribution within Sonoma County’s population. The 2021 population of Sonoma County is predominantly white (61.9%). Individuals of Latino or Hispanic origin represent the largest minority group, accounting for over a quarter of the population (27.3%). Other ethnic and racial groups represent a smaller portion of the population: Asian (4.6%), Two or More Races (4%), American Indian or Alaska Native (2.2%), Black (2.1%), and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (0.4%). Source: U.S. Census Bureau Graph illustrating the median age by county. Sonoma County has the second highest median age compared to neighboring counties at 41.4 years. It falls behind only Marin County (47.2 years) and is equivalent to Napa’s median age. Source: U.S. Census Bureau