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Strategic Priorities & Target Clusters

Strategic Plan

This Action Plan draws from extensive research and stakeholder engagement conducted throughout both Strategic Sonoma and the 2016 Sonoma-Mendocino Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The data and stories uncovered through this process are discussed in detail in previous reports – which form the foundation for recommendations in this Action Plan. 

Target ClusterThe priority issues identified in Strategic Sonoma’s Phase 1 report, Competitive Assessment, are:

  • Fire Recovery
  • Housing
  • Workforce & Education
  • Business Diversification
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation

Each issue is addressed in the framework of this Action Plan.

Business Diversification efforts will additionally focus on six target clusters and supportive niche sectors. These target clusters present the greatest opportunities for diversification among existing industries, based on existing local strengths and realistic new investments and programs. The Sonoma County Target Clusters are displayed in the graphic to the right and discussed in detail in the Target Cluster Report.

About this Report

This Action Plan provides an overview of the strategic framework for Strategic Sonoma, a detailed outline of recommended actions and metrics for partner organizations, and a discussion of how to best implement the strategy moving forward. Throughout this report are best practice examples of how similar projects have effectively addressed similar issues in other communities.

The Action Plan is divided into three sections:

Strategic Framework

This section outlines the overall Strategic Sonoma vision and goals based on strategic priorities. It also discusses the collective impact model and how it is utilized to frame the recommendations and implement the Action Plan.

Action Plan

The primary body of this report, the Action Plan provides a detailed explanation of each goal, the metrics used to track progress towards the goal, and the prioritized projects that will help move Sonoma County forward. For each goal, the Action Plan also identifies the lead and partner organizations that could be responsible for implementing recommended projects.


The final section describes how to translate this Action Plan into actual, measurable accomplishments. Addressing Sonoma County’s priority issues will require aligning the efforts of diverse organizations into a collaborative approach. Ensuring effective implementation will require leadership, accountability, and communication. This section includes practical steps and a timeline for implementation of projects.