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Sonoma County is home to more than 1,000 manufacturing companies employing over 23,000 workers in the North Bay. Local products include medical devices, kitchen equipment, components for high-end bicycles, plastic laboratory equipment as well as food and beverage manufacturing. Our local manufacturing industry ranks fourth compared to other industries in the region, and there are 32.6% more manufacturing jobs in Sonoma County than the national average for an area of this size. 

Total GRP for Manufacturing in Sonoma County totaled $5.8 billion dollars in 2021.

Industry Reports

2022 Technology and Manufacturing Insider (PDF 21,239 kB)

2022 Second Quarter Manufacturing Workforce Industry Report (PDF: 1,621 KB)


META-Square-Logo-250x250The Sonoma County Manufacturing Engineering Technology Alliance (META) was developed to create a strong and engaged network of local manufacturers to align interest in workforce needs, compliance, scaling, sustainability and business retention. 

Our annual meetings feature industry updates, guest speakers, and the latest business resources for participants.

For more information about how to get involved, please contact us.

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MFG Week

mfg-photo-square-250x250 Sonoma County’s growing manufacturing industry continues to generate a great deal of revenues, jobs, and career pathways. With over 23,000 workers in the Sonoma County’s manufacturing industry, it hold’s 4th place for the industry with the most jobs. Additionally, there are 32.6% more manufacturing jobs in Sonoma County than the national average for an area of this size.

In celebration of Manufacturing Week, the Sonoma County Economic Development Board produced an industry report based on 2022 Quarter 2 data that aims to provide insight on employment trends, job postings, and diversity within the manufacturing industry. Also celebrating Manufacturing is the Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Initiative during the week of October 7th-14th, and the Manufacturing Institute celebrating Manufacturing Day, taking place on October 7th. 

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