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Steel Geisha Designs


About Us

Location:            Sonoma Valley, CA




Year Started:     2006


What We Do:    Steel Geisha Designs creates and builds hand-crafted architectural steel products for the residential home market



Company Story

Steve Chiurco and his wife, Anastatia, started Steel Geisha Designs in 2006 with Steve overseeing design and Anastatia the fabrication of the steel decorative pieces. Their work, which includes fireplace surrounds, kitchen range hoods, light fixtures, benches, tables and planters and pergolas, has been featured on Animal Planet’s TV show, The Pool Master.

“I have always done art in some capacity throughout my life,” explains Steve. Before opening Steel Geisha Designs, he owned a tattoo studio and was a lighting designer for several years. Anastatia studied as a blacksmith in her family’s business before the couple opened Steel Geisha Designs. Since then, they have added to their team of creative fabricators. In 2016, Steve opened a second company, Elevation Lighting Design, which focuses on high-end lighting fixtures.

The favorite part of Steve’s job is his collaboration with clients. “It all starts with the relationship,” he says. “Many of our clients eventually become our friends. We don’t work with people we couldn’t share a meal with.” Each of their pieces are custom designed and hand-crafted for the unique needs of their clients. 


Why Sonoma County?

Steve was born and raised in Sonoma Valley and always knew that it was where he wanted to live. “Sonoma County is where I started. I am fortunate that there is a need for what we do here.” It’s a credit to the company’s hard work and strong relationships with clients that has kept it busy through the economic downturn and beyond. The company will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year.

Steve is happy with his company’s success but is quick to clarify. “We have been successful, but it is not measured in dollars. Rather, it’s the freedom to create something that people want. For me, that’s real success.”