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What does economic development look like in Sonoma County?

Residents and businesses are immersed everyday in the fruits of economic development. In Sonoma County, there are a plethora of organizations and people working to increase our quality of life and economic well being. They accomplish this through generating jobs, building housing, advancing career development opportunities, creating parks, providing infrastructure, and so much more. We invite you to discover and celebrate our champions of economic development.

Economic Development Ecosystem

Click on play button to explore an interactive ecosystem of Sonoma County's economic development. Scroll over or click on clouds and circle to learn more. Click here to view full screen>>

Economic Development Week Champions

There are many people and organizations in Sonoma County working in economic developmentto bring economic well being to Sonoma County and increase the quality of life. Learn from a few economic development champions about their work and accomplishments. 

Education & Workforce Development Champion

Letitia Hanke, LIME Foundation

Business & Jobs Development Champion 

Juan Hernádez, Creser Capital

Housing & Community Development

Michelle Whitman, Community Development Commission

Economic Prosperity Awards

Is your organization involved in good economic development efforts in your community?

Nominate them for an Economic Prosperity Award! We are seeking organizations and programs that go above and beyond to increase quality of life in their community. 

Categories include:

  • Education & Workforce Development
  • Jobs & Business Development
  • Housing & Community Development

Click here to learn more and nominate!>>