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Scott AG


About Us

Location:           Santa Rosa, CA




Year Started:    1909


What We Do:    Scott AG is one of the leading environmental graphic design and signage firms on the West Coast




Company Story

Starting out as a humble sign shop in 1909, Scott AG has built itself on a legacy of expert craftsmanship. Since the 1970s, the firm has specialized in architectural graphics and is now a full-service design/build graphic design company that utilizes its decades-long experience in sign production as the foundation for creating comprehensive wayfinding systems. The company’s in-house designers and fabricators work to seamlessly blend a building’s directional signage with its overall marketing brand. 

No longer just a sign company, Scott AG creates and fabricates custom wayfinding for such diverse clients as Facebook, AT&T Park, the San Francisco International Airport, Four Seasons Hotels, Sun Valley Resorts and Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.


Why Sonoma County?

Started as a family business over 100 years ago, Scott AG has had the “good fortune” to be established in Sonoma County, says company president Michael Burch. The company places great emphasis on attracting and retaining quality employees and believes that employees are the “lifeblood of our business”. He credits Sonoma County with providing his staff a great work-life balance. Although its projects are located throughout the western United States and internationally, Scott AG remains firmly rooted in Sonoma County.