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Frozen Art Ice Cream


About Us

Location:            Santa Rosa, CA




Year Started:     2011


What We Do:    Frozen Art Ice Cream offers Michoacana Mexican-style ice cream, using family recipes and flavors


                            passed down through the generations




Company Story

Frozen-Art-Owner-Holding-Ice-Cream-300-300Started in 2011 by Jorge Alcazar and his family, Frozen Art Ice Cream and Paletas serves Mexican-style ice cream and fruit bars, a family tradition first popularized in the small town of Tocumbo, Michoacan in Mexico. Family owned and run for three generations, the ice cream uses the best quality produce from local growers and around the world. Made with no preservatives and low air content, Frozen Art’s ice cream produces a fresh, smooth twist on classic flavors. It is not unusual to find 40 or more flavors offered at its ice cream shop in the Roseland neighborhood of Santa Rosa, CA. With flavors ranging from Mexican Caramel, Cardamom, Triple Berry Bliss, Avocado and Corn, the Alcazars continue to reinvent ice cream options for their many loyal customers. Their tagline is “keep it small, simple, fresh” and they certainly succeed with their mission. 


Why Sonoma County?

For Jorge, Sonoma County is home and what better place to carry on the family tradition of Michoacana ice-cream than here. “Sonoma County cares about quality and we care about locally-made products. The Wine Country is also a culinary destination, and we are a part of that. We consider ourselves a culinary experience in frozen form.”