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Sonoma Mendocino Economic Development District Special Meeting September 20

Date: September 20, 2022

Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Location: Virtual


Meeting ID: 991 4455 4111
Passcode: 845544

Registration Required: No

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  1. 2:00-2:05: Call to Order - Mary Anne Petrillo, Chair
    1. Roll Call - Brad Johnson
    2. Open time for Public Expression
    3. Agenda Adjustments
    4. Conflict of Interest statement
  2. 2:05-2:10:Consent Items
    1. Consideration of Approval of Video Conferencing AB361
  3. 2:10-2:30: Report Item: Officer Succession - Mary Anne Petrillo, Chair
  4. 2:30-2:50: Report Item: Financial Update - Jeff Kelly, Treasurer
    1. Supplemental Funds
    2. Mendocino Match
  5. 3:05-3:20: Discussion and Selection of Website Proposals - Chair
    1. Selection of Company to Develop Website
  6. 2:50-3:05: Update on Action to Secure Board Administrator - Paul Garza, Board Member
    1. Review RFP
  7. 3:20-3:30: Adjournment - Chair
    1. Closing Thoughts
    2. Review Next Board Actions
    3. Adjourn

Open Meetings: Except as expressly authorized under the Brown Act, all meetings of the EDB are open to attendance by interested members of the public. Public Comment: The EDB invites comment from the public on issues under consideration and other issues worthy of consideration. Written comment is preferred in all cases, especially to suggest new issues. Comments should be provided to the EDB office at least 10 days before the EDB meeting in order to be distributed to EDB Members with agenda materials. Oral comment on an EDB agenda topic will be allowed during a 10-minute period at the beginning of the EDB meeting.

Disabled Accommodation: To Request an Accommodation: If you have a disability and require a sign language interpreter, assistive listening device, material in an alternate format, or other accommodation to attend, please contact EDB Office at (707) 565-7170 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting in order to facilitate arrangements for accommodation.