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Board of Supervisors adopts economic development ‘3.0 Action Plan’ to foster an inclusive and resilient local economy

Sonoma County | December 13, 2022

The Board of Supervisors today adopted the Sonoma County Economic Development Board’s proposed 3.0 Action Plan, which will guide future economic development by partnering with community and business organizations to address persistent issues that constrain the local economy. The plan seeks to enhance EDB’s foundation of business support by expanding its role as a convener to address specific goals such as increasing the earning potential of residents, encouraging investment in high-value local enterprises, and restoring housing affordability in Sonoma County.

“With years of disasters and a pandemic, one of Sonoma County’s greatest strengths is its capacity to work together and get things done,” said Chair James Gore, Board of Supervisors. “This plan will multiply that strength to take on new challenges and create more pathways for economic growth.”

The EDB 3.0 Action Plan uses a system-scale approach that addresses barriers of fragmented funding streams and programs, to the primary drivers of a thriving economy, organized in three domains: Education and Workforce Development; Jobs and Business Development; and Housing and Community Development.

The plan recognizes the interconnected relationship of these domains in supporting resiliency and an economy that is inclusive of all county residents.

“Each domain plays a critical role in our economy. Creating a system that aligns these domains, will better position Sonoma County to accomplish larger community goals that benefit everyone,” said Ethan Brown, Interim Executive Director, Sonoma County Economic Development Board.

The EDB 3.0 Action Plan was developed with guidance from a Steering Committee composed of community and business leaders from the non-profit, private, and public sectors. Further input was taken from a focus group with representation from residents and businesses. The culmination of diverse perspectives provided insights on pressing social and economic issues in Sonoma County such as increased costs of living and doing business, racial economic gaps, and workforce attraction. The committee concluded that the best path forward is to create a formalized regional collaborative structure that better connects and shares data and resources across multiple organizations that are instrumental to overall economic well-being.

“Increasing access to services and information across multiple sectors is vital to creating a more inclusive and resilient economy. This access will help fortify existing and future collaboration,” said Supervisor Chris Coursey.

Next steps include a variety of short- and long-term goals to build the structure and partnerships over the next 18 months. These goals include designing an internal and external communications strategy and supporting existing community initiatives with economic development goals. The EDB also will be developing a shared vision and plan for aligning initiatives and designing an economic and demographic data network to better inform decision making.

All board materials, including the EDB 3.0 Action Plan, are available here:

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