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Drought Business Resources


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This page contains drought resources and water saving tips for businesses. To learn more about current water levels, visit Sonoma Water's website.

Financial Resources

Commercial Rebates

There are many opportunities to save money and save water. The Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership offers a robust directory of commercial rebates available in Sonoma County. Click here to view Sonoma County commercial rebate programs.  

saving-water-table-tent-200Own a restaurant in Sonoma County?

Order free “Water Served Upon Request” table cards to encourage customers to only order water when requested. Click here to place your order for free table tent signs

Water Saving Tips for Business

Sonoma-marin-saving-water-partnership-logoDrought is here and it's time to save water. Below are some tips and resources from Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership to help businesses reduce water use. 

For more drought saving resources, visit

  1. A Water-Wise Consultation: A Sonoma Water staff member can support you with an irrigation assessment to make sure your irrigation system is running properly. We can also review historic water usage records and explain your water bill. We can check fixtures to evaluate the flow rates, and provide you with a report on water use findings and make recommendations to improve water use efficiency. To schedule your Water-Wise Consultation contact Kris Loomis at or call (707) 524-1165.
  2. Become a Certified Green Business: The County of Sonoma Energy and Sustainability Division provide no-cost water and energy audits to assess your business practices and support you with achieving certification. To become a Certified Green Business, contact Energy and Sustainability at or (707) 565-6470 . For more information:
  3. Know your flow rates: Contact your local water service provider for a flow rate bag. Hold the bag under the faucet and turn the water on full volume for five seconds. After five seconds, turn the water off and read the rate on the bag.
  4. Test toilets for leaks: If you have a tank-type toilet, toilet dye tablets are available from your local utility office or you can use food coloring. To perform a leak test, place a dye tablet (or a few drops of food coloring) in the tank of your toilet. Do not flush. Wait 15 minutes, then check the bowl of the toilet. If the water turns color you have a leak. Consult with a licensed plumber if you have flushometer valve toilets.
  5. Invest in efficiency upgrades: Especially for older, high water use toilets and urinals which have a short payback period from water and sewer bill savings.

Current Water Efficiency Standards and Best Practices


FixtureMaximum per flush gallons per minute Notes 
Toilet 1.28 gpf 
Public lavatory faucet0.5 gpm Available free at most water service providers 
Break room or kitchen faucet 1.5 gpm Available free at most water service providers 
Pre-rinse spray nozzles 0.9 gpm 
Showerhead1.5 gpm Available for free at most water service providers



Device/Equipment Recommended Action Notes 
Irrigation Controller  Install a weather-based or a soil moisture sensing smart controller. Adjust watering schedule according to the season. Regularly check for leaks and broken irrigation equipment.Work with a WaterSense certified landscaper
Minimize TurfFor planter strips or areas of turf 10' wide or less, replace with native plants that require less water. Adding mulch to your landscape will help to shade the soil and reduce water lost to evaporation. Rebates may be available at Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership