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Outdoor-Sonoma-Newsletter-2019-Spring-Summer-240-300The Outdoor Sonoma Newsletter let's you stay connected to what's happening in the local outdoor recreation economy. This quarterly newsletter is the place to get updates and learn about new business news and expansions.

Sector Snapshot


While Sonoma County is best known for internationally-acclaimed food and wine, its scenic beauty and diverse landscapes also draw outdoors enthusiasts to the region. With the outdoor recreation sector contributing $731 million annually to the local economy, embracing outdoor recreation businesses and activities offer a lucrative growth opportunity for the county’s tourism industry.


Opportunity for Growth

The Outdoor Recreation sector in Sonoma County is comprised of more than 350 outdoor recreational businesses across a broad array of activities, including biking, hiking, golfing, water sports, and equestrian activities. The County is also home to nationally-recognized outdoor recreation manufacturers, including  CamelBak, Marmot, Kitsbow Cycling Apparel, Moose Boats, and Yuba Bikes.

The continued success of the county’s tourism industry and our local economy relies heavily on our ability to create unique experiences that not only attracts new visitors, but encourages them to return.

EDB Sector Support


 In 2017, the EDB partnered with local tourism and outdoor recreation businesses to launch an Outdoor Recreation Business Council to address key issues and emerging opportunities within this sector. The key goals of the Council are to:  

  • Spotlight the importance of outdoor recreation sector in Sonoma County
  • Support and grow outdoor sector by providing networking and development opportunities
  • Help brand Sonoma County as a premier destination to experience outdoor activities

For more information about how to get involved, please contact the Economic Development Board at (707) 565-7170.

Outdoor Recreation at your Doorstep

Sonoma-County-Regional-Parks-trail-300-300Planning an excursion to Sonoma County to enjoy the beautiful outdoors? Sonoma County Regional Parks offer more than 56 of the most scenic area parks you’ll ever find with 150 miles of trails to hike, camp, bike, kayak, or just take a moment to take it all in. These parks provide a great playground for Outdoor Recreation enthusiasts and take you through mountains, redwood groves, valleys, lakes and rivers. A number of these outdoor recreation areas were made possible by the  Sonoma County Agricultural and Open Space District, created in 1990 to “permanently protect the greenbelts, scenic view sheds, farms and ranches and natural areas of Sonoma County.”

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