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For Immediate Release

Second Round of Feedback Begins for Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

May 06, 2022

SANTA ROSA, CA - The Sonoma Mendocino Economic Development District (SMEDD) invites Sonoma and Mendocino County community members to help shape the regional economy by participating in a second round of input for the 2022 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). Using the first round of community input, the CEDS Strategy Committee has further honed the strategies and goals outlined in the CEDS draft to better reflect the economic development needs of the region. Current data and community-driven economic goals outlined in the CEDS include developing innovative and value-added sectors, increasing equitable community-wide prosperity, supporting people, and planning for and implementing resiliency. Sonoma and Mendocino communities are encouraged to submit feedback on the goals, objectives, strategies, and projects listed in the 2022 CEDS (pages 20 – 47).

“Every five years, Sonoma-Mendocino Economic Development District (SMEDD) performs a comprehensive study of our region to find the best ways to improve our prosperity and economic resiliency. The CEDS Strategy Committee reviewed and evaluated data, a wide range of input from citizens, community organizations and local government to determine what our strengths and weaknesses are and to determine our best opportunities. This is a ‘living document’ and so we invite all of you to take a good look at the document and let us know what you think. We do this work for you and we greatly value your ideas,” voiced Paul Garza Jr., Chair of the SMEDD CEDS Strategy Committee.

The 2016 CEDS was instrumental in several regional initiatives including financing local entrepreneurs through a regional revolving loan fund, further action to bring broadband access to underserved communities, and facilitating access to grants for workforce development partners. The 2016 CEDS document will remain active until the 2022 CEDS draft is approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Agency (EDA). The 2022 Sonoma Mendocino CEDS was drafted and facilitated by Marie Jones, Marie Jones Consulting, in collaboration with the Sonoma Mendocino Economic Development District’s CEDS Strategy Committee.

To access  the  2022 CEDS draft, visit  the SMEDD website at The draft CEDS will also be to the Sonoma County Economic Development Board’s Facebook page To submit questions and comments, please email SMEDD Economic Development District Manager, Bradley Johnson at The public comment period ends on Tuesday, June 7th.


The Sonoma-Mendocino Economic Development District is a two-county partnership, created through a joint powers agreement in 2015, to engage in regional economic development planning. The District is responsible for overseeing the completion and implementation of the Sonoma-Mendocino Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

The Sonoma-Mendocino Economic Development District’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy will be composed of community input and content from current regional plans: MOVE 2030, Strategic Sonoma, and The Sonoma County Economic Recovery Action Plan.


Contact: Aleena Decker
Sonoma County Economic Development Board
(707) 565-7221