Petaluma Hills Brewing Company

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About Us

Location:             Petaluma, CA


Year Started:     2013

What We Do:    Petaluma Hills Brewing Company is a craft brewery specializing in traditional style ales, including Belgian Ales, Porters, and Pale Ales.


Company Story

Petaluma Hills Brewing Company started as a hobby in JJ Jay's garage and backyard. While his day jobs at Pixar and DreamWorks Animation consisted of working on films, such as Toy Story 2, A Bugs Life, and Penguins of Madagascar, JJ (affectionately known as Triple J) spent his nights and weekends as a craft beer hobbyist, tinkering on homebrew recipes.

After decades spent perfecting his craft beer recipes, JJ decided it was time to take his hobby to the next level and launched Petaluma Hills Brewing Company in 2013. The brewery specializes in creating tasty, high-quality beer. He makes a mix of traditional style ales such as Belgian Blonde, Irish Red, Porters, and even some non-traditional IPAs such as a Double IPA made with Southern California dates. He uses his rooftop beehives as an inspiration to create his signature honey-nut brown ale. Each of his craft beers are named after famous Sonoma County landmarks, like "Old Adobe Stout", "Rivertown Brown" and of course, "Porterluma". Similar to working on films, JJ gets tremendous satisfaction from watching people enjoy his craft brews.

Why Sonoma County?

JJ moved to Sonoma County from the Midwest over twenty years ago because it offered a more rural, authentic feel compared to other places in the San Francisco Bay Area. When it came time to decide where to launch his craft brewing business with his family, he knew that Sonoma County was the right spot.

Contact Information

Economic Development Board
Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact us by Phone
141 Stony Circle, Suite 110
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
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