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The EDB provides annual economic and demographic reports on Sonoma County and its residents. 

Sonoma County Indicators

Sonoma-County-Indicators-Cover-2017-240-300The Sonoma County Indicators Report measures Sonoma County's overall health using six metrics—economic, environment, health, society, tourism and workforce. The report also benchmarks Sonoma County’s performance to similar counties in California, including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. An abridged indicators report is made available at the start of each year. The full unabridged report is made available in early Spring, as annual data become available.

Sonoma County Indicators Report – Abridged

Sonoma County Indicators Report - Unabridged 

Economic & Demographic Profile Report

Demographics-Economic-Demographic-Profile-CoverThe Economic & Demographic Profile Report contains pertinent information about Sonoma County’s regional economy, communities, and residents. The data have been compiled to provide trends over the past decades, as well as future projections. The information can be used for grant writing, business market research, and understanding workforce trends.  

Hispanic Demographic Profile Report

Hispanic-Demographic-Trends-Report-2017-Cover-240-300The Hispanic Demographic Report provides demographic and workforce statistics at the local, state and national levels. The EDB would like to thank the Sonoma County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for its assistance in updating this report.

Women-Owned Businesses Report

2017-Womens-Owned-Businesses-Report-CoverThe Women-Owned Businesses Report provides new data and insight into the state of women-owned businesses in Sonoma County. Its material explores past and present trends, as well as near-future challenges. The report expands upon the narrative of women-owned businesses, and is a resource to guide future policy discussions about fostering entrepreneurship for the next generation of women-owned businesses in the region. 

Education Progress Report

2018 Education Progress Report CoverThis report intends to recognize and celebrate the strengths of Sonoma County’s education system, while also identifying possible areas for progress and improvement. Education is integral in driving prosperity and economic progress, as well as a key indication of an individual’s earning potential. It is imperative that we address weaknesses and cultivate strategies to ensure that future graduates enter the workforce with the skills necessary to succeed.

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