Sonoma Mendocino Economic Development District

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Project Background

The Sonoma-Mendocino Economic Development District (EDD) unites the counties of Mendocino and Sonoma in creating the first joint economic development strategy for the two-county region. To be developed in collaboration with input from local partners and community members, the multi-year strategy aims to uncover untapped economic potential in the region and to secure a robust and stable regional economy for many years to come. 

What is the Sonoma-Mendocino Economic Development District?

The Sonoma-Mendocino Economic Development District is a two-county partnership, created through a joint powers agreement in 2015, to engage in regional economic development planning. County leaders recognized an important opportunity to coordinate and pool resources in areas where joint planning can accomplish more for the region’s development than either county’s independent efforts. The District is responsible for overseeing completion and implementation of the Sonoma-Mendocino CEDS.

What is a CEDS?

A CEDS is a federally-required regional economic development plan that must be completed in order to become eligible for various funding programs under the Economic Development Administration (EDA), an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce. A CEDS should not be viewed solely as a mechanism for qualifying for federal funding. It should serve as a roadmap for regional economic development in general—linking, leveraging, and aligning local assets and stakeholders to achieve regional goals. 

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