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A Rich Agricultural Tradition

Agriculture-2015-Sonoma-County-Crop-Report-Cover-230-300Sonoma County’s agriculture has long been recognized as one of its leading sectors, boasting a total production value of $756 million in 2015. Due to the prolonged drought, the value decreased by 14 percent compared to its 2014 high of just under $900 million.

Almost 59 percent of total production is attributed to winegrapes, while other prominent crops include milk, poultry, cattle, nursery products and vegetables. 

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    Supporting our Farmers and Ranchers

    Million Dollar Crops; 1. Winegrapes - ALL $ 592,798,000; 2. Market Milk $ 109,540,900; 3. Miscellaneous Poultry $ 65,445,200; 4. Misc.Livestock and Poultry Products $ 54,198,100; 5. Cattle and Calves $ 15,838,900; 6. Vegetables $ 12.613,200; 7. Nursery - Miscellaneous $ 11,770,300; 8. Sheep and Lambs $ 7,572,900; 9. Nursery - Ornamentals $ 7,377,400; 10. Nursery - Cut Flowers $ 4,187,800; 11. Apples - Late Varieties $ 2,332,100; 12. Rye and Oat Silage $ 1,559,100; 13. Rye ad Oat Hay $ 1,386,100; 14. Nursery - Bedding Plants $ 1,136,500; 15. Apples - Gravenstein $ 1,079,800In 2016, the EDB is joining with our local agricultural trade groups and associations to launch an Agricultural Business Council (ABC) to address key issues and emerging opportunities within this sector. The key goals of the ABC will be to:

    • Identify and act upon key challenges and opportunities facing the industry
    • Develop a vision and strategic action plan for the agricultural sector
    • Strengthen and develop high-impact initiatives
    • Provide business development opportunities to bolster the sector as a whole
    • Strengthen the voices of those working in the industry

    For more information about how to get involved, please contact the EDB

    at (707) 565-7170.

    Contact Information

    Economic Development Board
    Business Hours
    Monday – Friday
    8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Contact us by Phone
    141 Stony Circle, Suite 110
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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