8. Tax Requirements

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Businesses are likely to be subject to federal, state and local taxes. Entrepreneurs are strongly advised to consult with a tax professional as they consider business activity, organizational structure and location. For reference, federal and state taxing agencies are described below.

Internal Revenue Service

All for-profit ventures are subject to federal income taxes. Further federal tax information can be found by contacting the IRS at:

777 Sonoma Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 523-0924 or www.irs.gov/Businesses

California State Franchise Tax Board

Businesses in California are subject to various taxes based upon activity, size, and employment, among other factors. The following websites can provide information on California Business Tax requirements, forms, filing dates and other important information:

The California Tax Service Center: https://www.taxes.ca.gov/

The California Franchise Tax Board: 800-852-5711

The California State Board of Equalization (BOE)

The BOE monitors special taxation items such as fuel, alcohol, and tobacco, as well as the collection of California State sales tax and use taxes. More information may be found at: www.boe.ca.gov or by calling 800-400-7115

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