6. State Licensing Requirements

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Professional or Specialty Licensing

If your new business involves providing a service or specialized product, there is a chance that the State of California will require you to carry some form of occupational or professional licensing.

Online licensing is available for a variety of activities and professions. The appropriate agencies and requirements may be found on the state’s CalGold website, which offers a wealth of information on licensing and permitting requirements – including contact information – sorted by location and business type.

Seller's Permit and Special Taxing

If your business will offer products for sale, and/or specially regulated items such as alcohol and tobacco, it is likely that the State will require a seller’s permit and special taxing considerations. Both can be applied for online. For more information about licensing and permits, including seller’s permits and use tax information, contact the California State Board of Equalization at:

Santa Rosa Field Office 
50 D Street Room 230 
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 
800-400-7115 or www.boe.ca.gov

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