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EDB Staff

  • Shed-Interior-1280-525

Administrative Staff

Staff - Ben Stone 100Ben Stone
Executive Director
(707) 565-7170

Staff - Al Lerma 100Al Lerma
Director of Business Development and Innovation
(707) 565-6428

Staff-Katie-Parrish-100-100Katie Parrish
Administrative Operations Coordinator
(707) 565-7249

Staff-Debbie-Fox-100-100Debbie Fox
Events and Communications Coordinator
(707) 565-7298

Staff - Valeria Rose 100Valeria Rose
Administrative Aide
(707) 565-7152

Business Assistance Staff

Creative Sonoma

Staff - Kirsten Madsen 100Kristen Madsen
(707) 565-6120

Samantha Kimpel
Program Officer              
(707) 565-6134

Gloria Rubio Verduzco
Administrative Aide           
(707) 565-6121

Special Projects Staff

Project Coordinators

Nate Baker
Tourism and Hospitality Project Coordinator 
(707) 565-6411

Jake Belding
Workforce and Youth Project Coordinator 
(707) 565-7221

Craig Dermody
Research Project Coordinator 
(707) 565-6416

Jack Percival 
Strategic Sonoma Project Coordinator 
(707) 565-7578

Calvin Sandeen 
Broadband Project Coordinator 
(707) 565-6418

Contact Information

Economic Development Board
Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact us by Phone
141 Stony Circle, Suite 110
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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